Matt Hall Fulvio Bowl - Ferrari Opal

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Matt Hall is an Auckland based artist who creates a range of glass work using blowing techniques. Hall has been working with glass from the age of 18. Alongside developing his own work he has also assisted a number of leading New Zealand and international glass artists in the creation of their work as an adept assistant.

Technically focused, Hall has a passion for creating minimal, beautiful glass objects that play with light. His work often aims to explore the parameters of the glass process, playing with density, optic effects and the qualities of colour.
Matt currently makes a range of functional glass pieces inspired by early 20th century design including colourful Fulvio bowls .These pieces show the fluid movement of the medium and amuse with optics and a sense of volume.

Equal parts designer and artist; Hall produces utilitarian serve-ware as well as exhibition pieces.

"I have had the privilege of travelling to Murano and the Czech Republic to visit studios ,glass collections and do a goblet making course. I love making glass because it is a beautiful mix of science and art .It has a very rich history and focuses the head, the heart, and the hands."


Mini hand-blown glass art dimple bowl

Appx 70mm H x 110mm D

Please note there may be slight variations than image shown due to each piece being handmade