Robotime DIY Cartoon Wooden Plant Pot -  Kitty

Robotime DIY Cartoon Wooden Plant Pot - Kitty

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With this Robotime Flower Pot Kitty discover the fun of both DIY project building and growing your own mini desktop plants.

The cute Robotime Flower Pot Kitty comes with a colourful step by step instruction manual that guides the maker in assembling this unique looking kitty flower pot.

All wooden pieces in this craft construction kit have been cut using laser precision cutting and are safe to pickup and work directly with fingers.

After assembly you can keep small plants in the included plastic tray that slips into the top of the pot, grow Succulents, Cacti and more. (not included) There is even a drain tray for you to prevent leakage when you water your plants.

  • RECOMMENDED AGE: 8+ (contains small pieces not suitable for under 3's)
  • ASSEMBLED SIZE: 98 x 100 x 125 mm

A great sense of accomplishment will come to those who embark on making this cool cat guaranteed.