Stellar Haus Charge & Go Rechargeable Multi-Function Silver Warm White 3m

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These seed lights are the perfect substitute for the battery powered seed lights that never seem to last long enough. The charge and go seed lights by Stellar Haus feature a USB rechargeable battery pack which detaches from the seed lights, meaning you don't have to move the lights to recharge them. Simply detach the battery pack from the string of seed lights and plug into a USB point with the supplied charge cable and recharge the battery pack. Details:

  • x1 Strand of 3m long seed lights and a micro USB charging cable is included in each tube
  • Each strand is approx. 3 metres long with 30 Warm White LED lights
  • Lasts 12 hours on full charge
  • Detachable power pack
  • Adjustable brightness, and a slow fading function.